O2 has closed down the cheeky £1 Priority lunch loophole

O2 lunch

One of the big benefits of being on O2 is the £1 lunch deal every Monday – but if you're one of those who exploited the loophole that allowed you to buy more than one £1 lunch, those days are over.

Since the deal launched in 2014, O2 customers have been able to use the £1 lunch app at a number of retailers within a time limit of an hour, enabling some customers to head around several retailers and claim the voucher for more than one £1 lunch.

But O2 never intended that to be the way customers used the app.

Going hungry

Customers have taken to Twitter to express how upset they are at the deal being limited to just one outlet, but O2 is making it clear that you were never meant to be able to claim more than one £1 lunch in the first place.

A spokesperson for O2 told techradar: "This great offer has always been popular and we want to make sure as many of our customers who use O2 Priority can benefit from the deal.

"The deal has always been for a single £1 lunch on a Monday, and grouping them together means everything is in one place making it easier for customers to choose the brand they want."

You can still purchase a £1 lunch from Upper Crust, Boots, WH Smith and Domino's.

You'll need to be on O2, have the O2 Priority app on your phone and claim your deal between 11am and 3pm on a Monday.

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