New iPhone 7 leak shows larger camera, redesigned antenna band

iPhone 6S
Out with the old...

It's likely to be a busy year, iPhone-wise: we're expecting a cheaper, smaller handset to be unveiled at an event later this month and then the full-fat iPhone 7 is probably going to appear on schedule in September.

We've seen plenty of leaks for both phones but there's a new shot of the rear of the iPhone 7 doing the rounds after it appeared on - and it suggests the phone is getting a bigger camera lens and a redesigned antenna line.

iPhone 7 chassis

That larger camera hole would point to a significant upgrade, and although there's no sign of a dual-camera setup, that feature could be an iPhone 7 Plus exclusive (this newly leaked image shows the standard iPhone 7).

Major upgrades on the way?

Other internet gossip suggests the iPhone 7 will ditch the headphone jack, bump up the resolution of the display and shave off even more millimetres in terms of the chassis thickness.

Of course none of this will be confirmed until Tim Cook takes to the stage later this year but the iPhone rumours of modern times are much more reliable than they used to be. With the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus relatively small steps forward for Apple's iconic handset, the iPhone 7 phones are likely to offer some major upgrades.

If Apple has found a way to hide those antenna lines somewhere else on the device it's going to be the sleekest-looking iPhone yet - and a camera upgrade is always welcome. In the meantime, all eyes are on the 21 March event in California.

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