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Motorola Motoroi Android phone coming soon

The Motorola Motoroi - coming to the UK soon?
The Motorola Motoroi - coming to the UK soon?

Motorola looks set to release its Motoroi Android device to other markets, meaning a HD video camera and huge multi-touch screen.

The Motoroi is set to pack a 720p video camera, 8MP camera with 'proper' Xenon flash and be able to output content via HDMI.

It will also have a 3.7-inch screen with the aforementioned multi-touch, and the cool MotoBlur overlay - giving direct access to your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages.

First Korea - then the world!

We brought you early spy pics of this phone last year - it seems the Motoroi has been in development from Motorola for quite some time, so it's good to see it make it out into the big wide world.

The phone is going to be released in Korea first, but Rick Wolochatiuk from Motorola said that the device will be coming to other markets around the world soon, so we're looking forward to a UK release in the near future, although probably under a pretty different guise.

Check out the videos below if you want to see more - the first is a promotional movie, and the second a pretty detailed hands-on.

But, remember, this is the Korean version and there may be some changes before we get our own UK flavour.

Via Engadget