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Apple iPhone: hype backlash fears

Have expectations of the Apple iPhone been raised too high?

Expectations for the Apple iPhone may be too high and first generation buyers could end up disappointed. That's the scenario some Apple insiders are concerned about, according to a report on iPhone fever carried by The New York Times .

With the launch date of the iPhone now officially confirmed as 29 June, the hype surrounding the hugely anticipated Apple device is set to go into overdrive. Apple has targeted sales of 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008.

Since the iPhone was first announced back in January, interest has been intense. It's prompted "some quiet, behind-the-scenes anxiety at Apple," according to the New York Times report. "Some Apple executives worry privately that expectations for the one-button phones may be too high and that first-generation buyers will end up disappointed," the article continues.

Critics have already identified some perceived shortcomings of the iPhone, from slow mobile data rates and lack of a keyboard, to network availability and pricing. However, most analysts believe the iPhone will hit its initial sales targets, owing to the huge interest already generated by the Apple device.