LTE-less Samsung Galaxy Premier passes through FCC

Galaxy Premier
Lackluster Premier

Samsung made the Galaxy Premier official just a few short days ago and already the Galaxy S3 Mini-like phone is stirring up some intrigue.

Though the phone will be launched in Eastern Europe and Asia, a variant of the Premier has reportedly already passed the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) chambers.

The phone the FCC saw, however, is not like the one Samsung announced on Halloween.

The first phone gets both 3G and LTE variants, while the one that touched down stateside lacks any LTE branding.

Though the phone has government approval, the good news comes with one caviate: because it lacks LTE-based 4G, American carriers are unlikely to pick up the Premier.


The FCC filing for the phone does indicate HSPA 3G connectivity, which is supported by AT&T and larger Canadian carriers.

However, the lack of LTE is a really sticking point and one most major (and minor) U.S. carriers are unlikely to overlook.

While adding yet another device onto the already overflowing smartphone market is by no means a necessity, the Premier held some promise.

It runs Jelly Bean, for one, plus boasts a 4.65-inch display, a 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and a standard-issue 8MP camera.

Lobbying U.S. carriers to consider the phone is one route to take for those who just can't live without the Premier. That or smuggling in an import from overseas.

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