LG has come up with a way to 'double' the G3's battery

LG G3 battery promotion
More battery, more fun

As any smartphone owner can attest to, no matter how good the technology may be, it's often impaired by poor battery life. It's a problem LG hopes to address for its latest flagship handset with a new promotional offer.

LG is offering up a limited-time promo for new LG G3 buyers that will keep the first 5.5-inch Quad HD display sold in the US going well beyond what a single battery alone could provide.

Starting today and running through September 22, the US-only, carrier-agnostic promotion tosses an extra battery and charging cradle into the deal for absolutely free, a bargain valued at approximately $70.

LG isn't skimping on this offer, either. The free extra battery is the same 3,000mAh power pack that ships with the G3, allowing buyers to use the charging cradle to juice up the first battery while the second one is in use.

Double the fun

"With this battery promotion, we are highlighting our superior performance and incentivizing those consumers that want that extra peace of mind, even if they never need it," said LG's Senior Vice President of North American Marketing Chang Ma.

Our own review of the LG G3 found that the battery life was pretty great but, "not quite as impressive as other LG phones," a phenomenon blamed on the extra power required to keep the big, beautiful screen lit.

LG claims G3 owners will now have, "twice as much time to spend on their adventures ... before they have to even worry about looking for an outlet." Given our own benchmarks of "a day or so of medium to hard use," we can't argue with that.

The promotional offer requires submitting an online request or using a downloadable version via snail mail. Either way, LG says it could take four to six weeks to receive the goodies, but, thankfully, submissions can be tracked from the same website.