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Levi's Mobile Phone set for release

Levi's is introducing its first mobile phone in Europe this September

A phone that's bound to fit neatly into a jeans pocket has been announced by Levi's . The clothing company has lined up its first mobile phone for release in Europe this September.

The Levi's Mobile Phone is a slimline design with a sturdy riveted steel casing. It will be available in metallic silver, black and brown copper, plus "shiny silver" and "shiny sand" hues for the ladies.

Specifications are, like the phone itself, slim. Blog speculation suggests a 2-megapixel camera and onboard MP3 player - all standard features expected of a fashion-conscious mobile. However, with an eye on the youth fashion market, Levi's has announced that the Levi's Mobile Phone comes with a detachable chain so that users can fasten it to their jeans or bag.

The Levi's Mobile Phone has been created by French design house Modelabs - the company also responsible for the recently announced Hummer phone and several stunning concept mobiles . No price details are yet available, but the Levi's Mobile Phone should be available from selected Levi's stores throughout Europe from September.