Leaked Windows Phone 8.1 camera app looks suspiciously Nokia

Camera app
Lumia look

There have been so many Windows Phone 8.1 leaks over the last few months that there surely can't be many surprises left and yet we keep seeing new things.

The latest leak is a video of the new camera app. It's been posted by UnleashThePhones and it looks a lot like Nokia's camera app.

The right side of the screen has shortcuts to photo mode, video mode and the new burst mode while the left side has various settings, such as ISO and whether to enable flash.

It appears you can choose which and how many settings (up to five) appear on the viewfinder, so if you'd rather have quick access to scene modes than exposure that shouldn't be a problem.

Clear view

The ability to choose not just the settings you want shortcuts to, but also how many means you can keep the viewfinder totally clutter free or give yourself quick access to all of your most used camera functions.

Lenses are still on board and a couple of handy features can be spied in the video, as you can press and hold the camera button to wake up the phone and enable a mode which prevents the camera from accidentally being launched when the phone is locked.

Cortana tile

While the video is very much focused on the camera there's also a glimpse of a new Cortana tile on the Start screen. This isn't surprising as Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant is an expected feature of Windows Phone 8.1, but now there's little doubt that it will be included.

All in all the camera has a cleaner, more intuitive and potentially quicker to use interface than the current one and with Microsoft likely to unveil Windows Phone 8.1 at its Build conference in April we should be able to get our hands on it soon.

James Rogerson

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