iPhone beats toilet in 'greatest inventions' list

iPhone flushes the rest of the competition down the pan
iPhone flushes the rest of the competition down the pan

The Apple iPhone has been voted as one of the 10 greatest inventions ever, according to a poll of 4,000 UK consumers.

The list, compiled by Tesco Mobile, revealed what objects are of the most importance in our lives, with the wheel coming out on top.

This was followed by the aeroplane, light bulb, internet and PC in the top five.

The telephone and Penicillin nabbed sixth and seventh spot, while the Apple iPhone was in at number eight beating both the flushing toilet and combustion engine which landed at number nine and 10.

Technology was a big part of the list, with relatively new gadgets like the sat nav (46), mobile phones (22) and Sky+ (53) all getting a look in.

One of the more interesting fights on the list was at numbers 37 and 38, where scissors narrowly beat paper. Amasingly stone didn't even getting a look-in, so it looks like that childhood game we used to play has been lying to us all along.

Google and Facebook were also on the list but only managed a humbling 25 and 82 respectively.

Changed the face of the universe

"Whether it be something as small as a paper clip, to something which changed the face of the universe like the combustion engine, these amazing feats have all been recognised as truly great," said Lance Batchelor, Chief Executive Officer of Tesco Mobile.

"Some – like the washing machine and wheel – have made our lives easier, while wireless technology and the internet have changed the face of communication.

"Others like the remote control, hair-dryer and Hoover have all been created for convenience."

And as for the iPhone, being that it is available on a Tesco Mobile tariff, Batchelor had a thing to say about its inclusion, noting: "It's amazing to see how much the iPhone is valued, sitting alongside inventions such as Penicillin in people's perceptions and being declared a more important invention than miracle gadgets of their own time, such as the compass.

And, finally, the world's most shameful plug goes to Batchelor with the following line:

"No wonder the iPhone has been flying off the shelves at Tesco, as it allows us to have everything we need at our finger tips."

Tssk, tssk.

Via the Telegraph

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