The iPhone 7 could have as much space as your MacBook

iPhone 7 news 256GB
iPhone 7 news 256GB

Apple may launch an iPhone 7 with 256GB of internal storage next month, which would double the maximum amount of space available on an iPhone today.

Manufacturers behind flash-based memory have "increased chip prices citing strong demand for new smartphones, particulary the iPhone 7 featuring up to 256GB," according to DigiTimes.

This would give the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as much space as the entry-level MacBook 2016. Only the largest iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Pro 12.9 configurations have gotten to that level among currently available iDevices.

When Apple first launched the iPod, it marketed the 5GB size as a way to store 1,000 songs in your pocket – a great feat in 2001. A 256GB upgrade would be bring that number to over 50,000 songs in 2016.

How much would a 256GB iPhone cost?

Right now, the iPhone 6S tops out at 128GB, costing $850 (£699, AU$1,379), and the iPhone 6S Plus, with 128GB, costs $950 (£789, AU$1,529).

iPhone 7 news 256GB

If prices stay the same, the iPhone 7 with 256GB would cost $950 (£779, AU$1,529) and the iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB would cost $1,110 (£869, AU$1,679). That's a lot of storage for a lot of money.

Apple is reportedly discontinuing the 16GB option in new iPhones, which could alter the price scheme. But there's heavy speculation that it'll just reintroduce a 32GB iPhone in its place.

We'll likely find out everything next month, as Apple's iPhone 7 press conference is expected to happen on or around Wednesday, September 7.

Matt Swider