iPhone 6S colors: Will there be a new rose gold iPhone?

iPhone 6S

Apple's iPhone 6S colors are going to be a horse of a different color with new options for the first time in years.

The current offering is gold, black and space gray and has been since the iPhone 5. Apple doled out more options for the iPhone 5C but they were of the neon, cavity inducing variety opposed to a more sophisticated flavor.

Come September 9, that will likely change. It's been heavily rumored we'll see a rose gold iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in addition to the usual Apple hues - though it's possible they're all getting a refresh.

iPhone 6S rose gold rumors

Apparently the gold version will be more yellow than it is on the iPhone 6, the space grey version may be getting darker and a rose gold version is said to be on the cards, as well as a pink model.

However new rumors suggest that the touted pink and rose gold models will be one and the same, with the confusion arising from how similar the colors are.

With what Apple's done in the past, the changes will probably be subtle with white fronts on the space gray and gold versions of the handsets.

Since gold was a hot ticket item when it was introduced, a rose gold is guaranteed to be a popular color choice.

Apple Watch

If you're curious about what rose gold would look like, there's an Apple Watch Edition that comes in rose gold. Imagine that, but in iPhone form. Additionally, because there's an actual Watch color that comes in rose gold, a matching handset makes a lot of sense.