iPhone 5 to be 7.6mm thin?

iPhone 5 mockup
Skinny mini: iPhone 5 maybe a svelte 7.6mm thick

Tired of tugging the iPhone 4S out of your back pocket? Apple apparently thinks the current iPhones have too much girth and, according to rumors leaking out of China, it plans to slim things down for the sixth-generation.

The news comes from an "in-person report" via Chinese newspaper Apple Daily, which claims the iPhone 5 will sport a 7.6mm body.

That number shaves 1.7mm off the iPhone 4S' 9.3mm body, but still wouldn't qualify the iPhone 5 as the thinnest phone on the market.

The title of slimmest smartphones would still belong to Motorola's Droid Razr (7.1mm at its thinnest point) and the ZTE Athena (a slender 6.2mm).

Earlier rumors pointed to the iPhone 5 making use of a super-thin screen, a feat possible thanks to in-cell technology, to slim down its depth.

There's no mention in the Chinese report just how Apple plans to make the iPhone 5 thinner, but the evidence is certainly mounting when it comes to a skinnier redesign of Apple's smartphone.

Taller and thinner?

Tuesday, rumors of the iPhone 5's bigger screen came closer to fruition when it was discovered iOS 6 was scalable to a higher resolution of 640x1136.

That resolution works out to the next iPhone coming with a 4-inch screen, which would make its screen height much more comparable to Samsung's Galaxy S3 (4.8-inch) and the HTC One X's (4.7-inch) screens.

However, if the iPhone 5 does come with a 7.6mm body, it would be thinner than both of those phones by at least 1mm.

Until Apple officially releases any information about the purported iPhone 5, we'll just have to keep monitoring the rumors and reports, and hoping this taller, thinner iPhone becomes a reality.

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