iPhone 5 delayed due to faulty processors?

Where oh where is the iPhone 5? Where oh where could it be?

Rumours of delays have dogged the upcoming iPhone 5 for months now, but the latest chatter from those apparently in the know suggests that the new iPhone may be held back until early 2012.

The reason behind the hold-up, sources say, is that the dual-core A5 processor that Apple is intending to use has been overheating.

Many have speculated that this will see Apple waiting until the A6 chip is available, which won't be until the beginning of next year.

Note the 'if'

If true, this could mean we will see a slightly updated iPhone 4S launch in autumn (another recurring rumour), with a more major upgrade made public after Christmas.

It's getting harder and harder to know what to believe on the iPhone 5 front.

The rumours in this instance come from Sohu.com, which is not a site we've ever dealt with before so we can't really vouch for the legitimacy of their intel.

We'll just settle ourselves down firmly on the fence for now; roll on autumn.

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From Sohu.com via 9to5Mac