Insane holographic smartphone just one-upped Amazon Fire phone

The insane holographic smartphone from the future is here
Holo at me

We kid you not. This isn't the latest season of Star Trek, this is July 2014 - Planet Earth, and Chinese firm Takee has produced the world's first holographic smartphone.

Holographic displays on our mobile devices have been nothing more than a pipe dream, but it appears no longer with some bold claims being made in the company's promo video.

Sporting four front-facing cameras to track eye movement - similar to the quad-cam setup on the Amazon Fire phone - the Takee 1 is able to generate holographic images that float above the display.

You can interact with these holograms via a series of air gestures - a wave of the hand here, a pinch of the fingers there.

3D snap, view and print

Round the back you'll find not one, but two camera lenses, allowing you to capture 3D images and create holograms from them to display on screen. The Takee 1 will also apparently let you 3D print scanned images from the rear camera setup.

If we're honest, it does all sound a little too good to be true, and the holographic effects in the video are more than likely computer generated, so it's unclear how far into development the Takee 1 actually is.

Take a look for yourself in the video below and let us know what you make of the Takee 1 in the comments.

Via GforGames

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