Google IO liveblog: live updates from the 2016 keynote

11:15 AM: We've heard rumors about both a phone-based Android VR platform and a standalone Android VR headset. Well, it looks like both are right. Google is creating reference designs for headsets to lay out the specifications of what other developers can create to work with Android N-powered Daydream-compatible phones.

Google IO liveblog

11:12 AM: Daydream is Google's platform for high-quality virtual reality, and phones can still be a part of the fun. Daydream-ready phones with high enough performing sensors Samsung, Huawei Alcatel and ZTE with have Daydream ready phones available this fall.

11:10 AM: Google is touting the success of Google Cardboard and its VR-enabled apps, now totally 50 million. It was mobile, approachable and "for everyone." But now Google wants to do something far more immersive. You have to solve really hard problems to get to that point, according to Google.

Google IO liveblog

11:08 AM: Android N is launching later this summer, which is awesome news, and it may mean that the new Nexus 2016 phones may launcher sooner than the usual October release date. Now onto Android VR virtual reality.

11:06 AM: Messages now feature direct reply through notifications and Unicode-9 for even more emoji options. Google promises that it's working on the next-generation of Unicode, too, with emojis is more professional roles in the tiny little characters.

Google IO liveblog

11:04 AM: Now some front-facing features: A "clear all" button in switcher view, a much-requested feature. Also, quick switch it executed by double tapping the recent button to switch between apps and quickly switch back.

11:00 AM: As we head into hour two of the Google IO keynote, Android N is still getting previewed with a lot of behind-the-scenes updates, like security and system image updates. One thing consumers will see is the end to "Android is updating..." software dialogue. It can be done in the background (and yes, THIS got applause).

Google IO keynote

10:58 AM: Developers here are getting excited (by staying completely silent but nodding heads) about "pre-compiled shaders" and "major optimizations to compiler." That'll make for better games and app content. There's also be a reduction in compiled code size.

10:56 AM: Google is now giving us a new look at Android N Developer Preview. It says it started this year's beta early, and is inviting the world to help name Android N. Wat sweet candy name will you give it? I actually care more about Android 8.0 O - I really want it to be something Oranges-based, so I when people want to compare Android devices to Apple's iPhone, I can say that's like comparing Apples and Oranges.

Google IO liveblog

10:53 AM: Both Allo and Duo will be available this summer on Android and iOS, according to Google.

10:50 AM: Duo sounds fantastic, on one hand: Instant, encrypted and works in low-bandwidth situations. But privacy is still going to be a concern given Duo's knock feature and it just created ANOTHER chat and video messaging app from Google. We now have three text messaging apps from Google. Fragmentation much?

Google IO liveblog

10:48 AM: Google just announced Duo, the end-to-end encrypted video chat. It's a simple one-to-one video calling app for both Android and iOS. It's supposed to be instant video. Google is built by the team that created WebRTC. "We know this technology like no one else." The team sounds like HBO's Pied Piper from Silicon Valley, inventing a new way to make video streaming faster than what was previously available.

10:46 AM: Google calls Google Assistant "inherently personal," but there are going to be major questions about privacy, especially in chat. Right on cue, the company just announced that it'll include reassuring features like E2E encryption, private notifications, and message expiration that is in your control. The experience is likened to Incognito Mode in the Chrome browser.

Matt Swider