Google IO liveblog: live updates from the 2016 keynote

10:07 AM: There are 530 external Google IO events, the largest audience is of course in China. In fact, the people live streaming today in China is over one million, according to Sundar.

10:05 AM: Here he is right on time (just like last year's Google IO). He's welcomed everyone to the Shoreline Ampitheatre. Says that there are 7,000 people at Google IO in person today. Can't make it to the three-day event? It's being livestreamed right now.

Google IO liveblog

10:04 AM: We're waiting for Google CEO Sundar Pichai to take the stage to official start the Google IO keynote. That usually happens five minutes into the hour.

10:00 AM: Google IO has started with music, but not just any music - it looks to be music played through Project Jacquard, which put all sorts of sensors in clothing thank to Google's ATAP division. Will you be wearing e-fabric in the future? I'm sure "FAB" will be in all caps if terrible marketing people have their way.

9:50 AM: And here's a 360 degree photo of Darren and I at the keynote. It's taken with the LG 360 Cam that we just got. It'll be great to spin around when that ability comes to the greater web, besides Facebook.

Google IO liveblog

9:45 AM: Here are your humble hosts for this Google IO liveblog, Global Editor-in-Chief Darren Murph, and Senior Mobile Editor, Matt Swider.

Google IO liveblog

9:30 AM: If you thought that Android N wasn't going to be a big part of this year's Google IO, you'd be wrong. New features for the mobile operating system will probably be the first big news story we publish.

Google IO liveblog

9:00 AM: We're just one hour away from the start of Google IO, and we'll be keeping this page fresh with updates. We've taken our seats and actually have strong WiFi. Well done, Google. Well done.

8:45 AM: Google let the press into its Shoreline Amphitheatre early. It's where it hosts concerts, meaning Google is about to rock it with tech announcements.

Google IO liveblog

8:30 AM: We're in Mountain View, California for the Google IO 2016 keynote today and will see the latest and greatest from the search engine company.

We expect major news about Android N, Chrome OS and maybe hints at new Nexus phones at the press conference and a tease of the Google self-driving car. It starts at 10:00 AM Pacific time, which is 1:00 PM Eastern and 6:00 PM BST.

It's a two-hour Google IO keynote marathon, so prepare for a full page of news here in real-time. We'll be updating from the event and keeping techradar fresh with all of the announcements.

Matt Swider