Free phone calls hit Facebook Messenger for iOS in the UK

Free phone calls hit Facebook Messenger for iOS in the UK
Facebook? Phonebook, more like

Facebook Messenger users on iOS can now make free phone calls to their Facebook pals from within the app.

If text just won't get across what you want to say while IMing in Facebook Messenger, you can hit the 'I' button to see the option to make a free call to your buddy.

It'll only work from within individual conversations so there's no conference calling - but you can leave voicemails if you're snubbed by friends who don't answer.


The service should work over your 3G or 4G connection as well as over Wi-Fi, assuming that you have decent signal and neither your nor the person you're calling's network has disabled the service.

Facebook already rolled the free calling feature out to iOS users in the US and Canada earlier this year, so UK users can now chat trans-Atlantically for free.

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