EE Pay As You Go plans let you get 4G from £1 a week

EE Pay As You Go plans let you get 4G from £1 a week
Get a full minute of 4G for £1

EE has announced a bunch of new Pay As You Go Deals that seek to "revamp" the non-contract mobile world.

The catchiest of the new Pay As You Go Deals from EE costs just £1, and gets you 100MB of data as well as 10 texts and 10 minutes of calls for £1.

That bundle only lasts for a week, though, so those looking to live off it would need to spend a grand £4 a month.

The other notable fact about the new EE packs is that they all offer 4G mobile internet as standard. Of course, with a good 4G signal you could suck-up the £1 pack's allowance in about about 90 seconds, making some of these packs for extremely light users only.

Put your minutes where your mouth is

EE splits its new Pay As You Go packs into three categories. The one that gets you 100MB data for a quid is a Data Pack. The other two types are Talk and Text packs and Everything packs.

As the name may suggest, the Talk and Text packs do not include any data. A £1 one-week pack gets you 25 minutes and 50 texts, while the more conventional monthly packs cost £10 and £15 a piece.

They get you 250 minutes and Unlimited texts, and 750 minutes and Unlimited texts respectively.

The Everything packs are low-commitment deals that offers you much of the feel of a contract deal, but without the sense of being tied down. £10 for a month gets you 150 minutes, 500MB data and Unlimited texts.

Those figures bump up to 500 minutes/2GB data when you spend £15, and 1000 minutes/4GB data when you spend £25.

These packs will automatically renew when the last one expires, letting you trundle along indefinitely.

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