EE boasts pretty standard 4G take-up, loves its 'high value' customers

EE boasts pretty standard 4G take-up, loves its 'high value' customers
Gosh, you're so high value

EE's 4G take-up continues to trickle rather than swell, with the network claiming 318,000 people on its super-fast network after five months.

That equates to 2.3 per cent of EE's contract customers - EE says that 53 per cent of its customers are on post-pay deals; so 2.3 per cent of 53 per cent of its customers are on 4G.

That's a fairly underwhelming 1.2 per cent of its overall customer base shelling out for it's top-end 4G plans - but it is early days for 4G in the UK and EE is as-yet the only player in the super-fast network field.

It'll be interesting to see how take-up expands when 3 launches its 4G network later this year.

On track

However, EE still reckons it's well on track to have signed up over one million 4G customers by the end of the year, by which time it plans for its network to cover 70 per cent of the UK population as well.

The press release makes a big deal of its 'high value customers' - those are the ones who can afford to shell out for EE's fairly hefty 4G pricing plans - and crows continually about its holding of 36 per cent of the UK's available mobile spectrum.

According to EE's own research, those who have opted for 4G report that they are using less or no public Wi-Fi thanks to the superior cellular connectivity, and 1 in 5 also claim to be using their home broadband less.

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