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Digg founder: iPhone 3.0 to be like the Palm Pre

Is the iPhone update going to bring copy and paste?
Is the iPhone update going to bring copy and paste?

If the whisperings on the web are to be believed, there will be a new set of functionality on the iPhone once the new firmware is unveiled tomorrow, and Digg founder Kevin Rose has lifted the lid on what's going to be contained within.

Although not officially affiliated with Apple, Rose says he has been told that the new update will fix a whole host of problems iPhone users have had to put up with since the first model; namely the 'copy and paste' functionality.

Rose believes the way 'copy and paste' would work is a double tap to magnify the text, and then two quote marks could be dragged to highlight the specified text, with the option to then do whatever you want with it (copy and/or paste namely).


However, Rose did say that there would be no video or MMS capabilities on the device, with the video issue being technical, as constantly writing and re-writing to the memory apparently causes problems.

His source (ie his friend who 'has been right before') said that the new firmware update would bring the iPhone up to speed with the Palm Pre, thoroughly highlighting the excellent job Palm has done with its latest model.

We're still waiting to find out all the details the new firmware upgrade will bring but one thing's for sure: the iPhone lovers of this world will likely be pleased and disappointed in equal measure.

You can watch the video of Kevin Rose speaking at Digg Nation! At SXSWi 2009 and make up your own mind whether the new firmware is going to be a big hitter.

Via Engadget Mobile