Carphone Warehouse launches new tablet and phone bundles

Carphone Warehouse launches new tablet and phone bundles
Anywhere you go, always take the tether with you

Carphone Warehouse has launched a trio of new bundles that could see you get yourself a new handset and slate on one monthly bill.

Dubbed 'tethering' deals, Carphone reckons it's saving you money by alerting you to the fact you can tether your tablet to your phone's 3G connection, something that has been a feature of Android since FroYo (Android 2.2).

The deals will see you net a Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy Apollo together from £31 a month, the BlackBerry PlayBook and Curve 9300 together from £36 a month or, slightly out of leftfield, the Archos 101 and HTC Wildfire S together from £31 a month.

Marketing maestros

None of these devices are exactly at the bleeding edge of the mobile market, but we doff our hats to the clever plan to shift old Galaxy Tabs and stagnant PlayBook stock.

Carphone also invested in a spot of research to support its new deals, finding that only 9% of tablet users connect their slates to their smartphones' data connection.

The survey of 3,481 people conducted by YouGov also found that Android tablet owners are twice as likely to tether to their phones than iPad owners – probably because Android tethering is free and iOS tethering is not.

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