Top gadgets to pack for Glastonbury

Make sure you bring some waterproof earphones too, just in case you get stuck in wet weather. OverBoard offers 100 per cent waterproof headphones which sound equally great above or under water. Guaranteed to a depth of 6 metres, the OverBoard 100% waterproof headphones cost £20.

Power charger

To make sure that your gadgets last at least as long as the festival itself, it's probably a good thing to bring a solar charger.

Solio is a compact universal hybrid charger that will work with all your gadgets. It accepts power from the sun, even when it's cloudy, or a power socket. The energy is stored in the Solio's internal rechargeable battery and used to power up your mobile phone, MP3 player, GPS or digicam and the same rate as when they're plugged into the wall.

One hour of sun will give enough power to play your Apple iPod for around an hour, or provide about 25 minutes of talk time on a typical mobile phone. The Solio charger costs around £50.

Orange also announced the Orange Mobile Wind Charger earlier this week. It's a portable mobile phone charger that is powered by wind energy. Weighing only 150g, it fixes onto your tent via a mounting bracket. Power rendered will be stored in the unit's control box for you to use when needed. The mobile wind charger will be demoed at Glastonbury and will be commercially launched later this year.

Waterproof bags

Instead of buying lots of new kit to bring to Glastonbury, you can also go down the cheaper and easier route of bringing your existing phone, MP3 player etc. Just make sure to pack it in a waterproof bag, just in case. Waterproof bags and skins can be bought from Aquapac , OverBoard , and Woodland Organics , to name but a few.

Now you have your gadgets covered, just don't forget to bring a tent, plenty of toilet paper, more money than you think you'll need, and warm, waterproof clothes. Have a great time!