Aussie telcos announce Samsung Galaxy S5 pricing

Samsung Galaxy S5
A flagship phone for a flagship price

Updated March 27, 2014, 9.40am: Virgin Mobile has announced their pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well today.

On a Virgin Mobile $60 24-month plan, the Galaxy S5 will set you back $13 per month, while pre-orders begin today.

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If you're looking to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S5, pricing and availability has finally been revealed by Aussie telcos Optus, Telstra and Vodafone.

The next Samsung flagship will land in Australia with an RRP of $929 on April 11, the same time as the majority of the world, and our telcos will begin taking pre-orders from tomorrow.

On a $70 plan, Telstra customers can get the phone with a $12 monthly repayment charge. Telstra also revealed that it will sell the phone outright for $912, and though neither Vodafone or Optus stated their outright plans at the time of writing, we imagine they will price the handset for around the same.

On its 24-month plans, Optus will have monthly handset repayments starting from $26 on it's lowest $35 plan, up to $7 per month on it's $100 plan. Though if we compare Optus' prices more closely to Telstra's, an Optus $60 plan will cost you an extra $16 in monthly repayments while an $80 plan will cost you $11.

Vodafone will be charging an extra $28 per month for the handset on it's lowest $30 plan, up to $0 on its highest $100 Red plan. For comparison's sake, on both of its $60 and $65 24-month plans, a Samsung Galaxy S5 will have $14 handset repayments, while the $80 plan will have a $4 handset repayment.

All geared up

Optus and Telstra have also announced their pricing for Samsung's wearable Galaxy Gear range, which will also be available from April 11.

The Gear Fit will be available through both Telstra and Optus for $10 per month when added to an eligible 24-month plans. It will cost $249 outright through Telstra and $240 through Optus.

Optus will have the Gear 2 Neo for $240 outright and $10 per month when added to a 24-month plan as well, while the Gear 2 will be $360 outright and $15 per month on a plan.

Telstra will have the Gear 2 Neo and Gear 2 available for purchase outright for $249 and $369, respectively.