AT&T says it's almost time to buy Samsung Galaxy Gear, Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Gear
AT&T to offer wrist accessory

"Around" Oct. 1 turned out to be sort-of right for the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear release date at AT&T.

Ma Bell announced today that the phablet and smartwatch hit the streets Oct. 4.

Both devices are set to sell online and in AT&T stores, with the Note 3 retailing for $299.99 on contract. With AT&T's early upgrade Next program, customers can pick up the 5.7-inch display smartphone for $35/month.

The Gear is also heading out the door for $299.99, but no contract needed here. Unlike rival Verizon, AT&T is only offering the Sammy smartwatch in black and white. Oh, and no dice for those in the mood for a pink Note 3 either; AT&T is keeping it classic with the black and white for that gadget too.

An AT&T spokeswoman reminded us that while the Gear and Note 3 can be purchased separately, customers need the Note to utilize the smartwatch's non-watch features.

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