Apple's courtroom slides hint at bigger, cheaper iPhone 6

Apple's courtroom slides hint at bigger, cheaper iPhone 6
Bit like this, maybe?

We've been hearing whispers from industry sources that Apple may release a bigger-screened iPhone 6 for a while now and the latest hint comes straight from the horse's mouth.

Slides from one of Apple's secret internal meetings have been shown to the court in the newly revived Apple/Samsung legal hoohah.

On a slide titled "Consumers want what we don't have", the company notes that smartphone sales have grown thanks to devices that cost less than $300 or have screens that are bigger than 4 inches.

Both cheap and big-screened iPhones certainly do come under the heading of "what we don't have" for Apple.

Money talks

The iPhone 5C may have made some tentative steps towards being a cheaper iPhone option, but still comes in at $549 (from £429, AU$679) SIM-free.

Word that Apple is at least talking about a handset with a bigger screen than the iPhone 5S's 4 inches lends a boost to the rumours we've heard that there's a 6-inch iPhone 6 on the cards for later this year.

There's also talk that Apple will up the screen size of the current iPhone design to 4.7 inches.

We won't find out if these rumours are true for a while, though - while some speculate that a 6-inch iPhone could be released in May, we reckon you'd be better off looking to September for any new iPhone hardware.

It's worth a read of the other juicy internal slides that have surfaced at the trial - Apple's Phil Schiller is jealous of Samsung's advertising, while Steve Jobs, in his typical understated style, envisaged a "Holy War with Google."

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