Apple launches new 'Find My iPhone' app

Lost your iPad? Well, that was a bit careless...

A new app launching for the iPhone this week lets you find lost iPod touches, iPads and iPhones and, should you so wish, wipe the data off them remotely.

It is of course every Apple iPad or iPhone owners nightmare – to realise that you have lost your phone or have forgetfully (drunkenly) left your iPad in a bar.

MobileMe trial

Providing you have Apple's 'Find My iPhone' app installed on another iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you'll be able to track down your lost iPod, smartphone or tablet PC.

The catch? You'll need to shell out £59 for Apple's MobileMe each year.

You can give MobileMe a free 60 day trial to see if you might be able to justify the expense.

The app also lets you remotely lock your lost Apple device or even choose to delete all the data on it remotely, if there are things on there you don't want to find their way into the wrong hands.

Via Apple