Apple iPhone gets rangefinder lenses

Factron's new iPhone case is costly, but comes with the option of adding on a range of different, very cool-looking camera lenses

While the Apple iPhone camera has taken a good share of flack from professional and 'prosumer' snappers, it is still proving to be hugely popular with users, with this latest case from Factron packing in a number of removable lenses.

The recent addition of a multimedia messaging service (MMS) with the iPhone's 3.0 operating system upgrade (or with the new iPhone 3GS) has also meant that many users that previously ignored the phone's camera, now have a far better reason to play around with it.

iPhone lenses galore!

And while the three megapixel digital camera is never going to take DSLR-quality pictures, if you are keen to try to squeeze the best out of it, Factron's rangefinder lens could well be just what you need.

The company's new iPhone case also comes complete with a number of other lenses - specifically, a fish eye, a wide-angle, and a close-up lens (all of which cost between around £7 and £30).

The case itself, while it certainly looks the part, costs a whopping £100!

Via Factron (Japanese site)