Apple and Samsung agree to more mediation ahead of next court date

Apple and Samsung agree to more mediation ahead of next court date
Enough of that, Judge Judy

New court documents reveal that Apple and Samsung are set to sit down and talk rationally in a mediation session before they head back to court in March.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his Samsung equivalent, Oh-Hyun Kwon, will attend a private session before February 19, with only their in-house legal teams in tow.

After a year of explosive court clashes in 2012, 2013 saw Apple and Samsung settle down a bit and 2014 may even see them behave like adults.

The quiet talks could result in a court-less settlement over Apple's claims that Samsung has copied its ideas and infringed on its patents relating to the iPhone and iPad.

Mediate this

Reuters says that the court documents that mention the mediation session also reveal that while the tech world's eye was on CES 2014, the two companies' legal eagles met to talk about a possible settlement on January 6.

The signs for a settlement seem good, given that word also surfaced at the end of 2013 that talks about a deal were ongoing.

That said, the two companies have danced this dance before and still ended up in court so, like children of a broken home, we'll just have to go back up to our rooms, turn the music up loud and drown out the sounds of shouting from below.

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