Android Platform Development Kit announced by Google

Android Platform Development Kit announced by Google

Google has announced that it will be releasing what it is terming a platform development kit (PDK) ahead of each major Android upgrade.

The PDK will be available to hardware partners, allowing them to come up with innovations in their devices.

The two month timeframe is interesting, not least because it makes it much more likely that the next generation of Android will be much more public ahead of release.

Jelly Bean birth

The PDK will arrive with the new Jelly Bean update and might well be a key factor as Google fights with Apple and Microsoft in the mobile OD sphere.

The move may also assuage some of the fears over the purchase of Motorola, with the PDK meaning that other hardware partners will have time to experiment with their devices.

Android is currently recording one million activations a day, with Google's mobile OS a real power house in phones.