Alienware responds to Android phone pics

Is this a phone or a weapon?

Dial-a-Phone mock-ups of a possible Alienware branded Google Android phone have created something of a stir amongst fans of Dell’s popular PC-gaming brand over the weekend, but is there any truth to the rumours of an Alienware branded-phone?

And, more importantly, if it does ever surface will it look anything like Dial-a-Phone's styled artists impressions, which look more like a Star-Trek weapon than a phone to us?

According to Dial-a-Phone, “The argument for an Alienware mobile phone is overwhelming. It would have the striking design to make an impression in a mobile market dominated by fashion phones, it would instantly be the coolest phone on the market thanks to the popularity of the Alienware brand, it would have the marketing muscle of Dell behind it to push it beyond its established niche and into the mainstream, and it would be the mobile gamer’s dream, just as video gaming on mobile phones is starting to enter the picture.”

Alienware design elements enhancing other tech

TechRadar spoke with Alienware’s Mat Bettinson earlier today, who quickly served us with a "no comment" when asked about the company’s plans to move into the mobile phone market.

Bettinson added that Alienware was “flattered by the mock-up”. He said that the “design is not necessarily what Alienware would do, but it's interesting to see how the artist sees Alienware design elements enhancing another technology product.”

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