10 weird mobile phone ads

Best mobile phone ads
"Hello, is that a talking dog?"

There are plenty of ads that could fit into the category of being slightly off-the-wall.

But there's something about mobile phones that seems to bring out the best (and worst) in the guys that make adverts for TV and online.

Some of these promos are classics, while others belong in the "just plain bad" pile.

So here, gathered together for your amusement, are our 10 favourite weird mobile ads.

1. T-Mobile Royal Wedding

Surprise - it's a viral ad that doesn't suck! This jape from T-Mobile took on the subject matter of today's Royal Wedding and set it to the music of East 17. Filmed at St Bartholomew's Church in London and put together by Louie Spence, it's actually made by the lookalikes and the way the individual characters are reflected in the dancing!

2. Android eructation

Android isn't advertised that much in the UK, so it's a bit odd to take in this Korean ad for the OS. What's the burping all about? We'd love to hear Google PR's take on that one...

3. Microsoft's social phones

Yeah, this is simulated fun. But although this ad isn't funny, what happened because of it is. Mind you, the fact Microsoft spunked $500 million on Danger, were way late developing the Kin and then decided to discontinue it after only weeks on sale is pretty ridiculous too.

4. Piss-poor Dutch phone ad

This is the kind of slightly-sick clip that's two-a-penny in Europe, but would probably get Ofcom hot under the collar in the UK. Still, what high jinks eh?

5. For Mom

We're not sure what possessed Palm to start this Pre Plus ad in 1983, but we can see what it's trying to say. Kind of.

6. Windows Phone. Really?

This ad is largely straightforward - providing you get the right end of the stick. If you know what it's about before it starts you think it's about Windows Phone being so compelling that other stuff in your life suffers. But no, it's actually about other phones being so poor that they don't let you live your life! How could we have been so wrong? It's actually a pretty good ad for what it is - and the best moment is at 25 seconds in...

7. Your wife called

Man watching woman stripping on mobile, who then snaps the phone shut as he's disturbed. But not all is as it seems. We'll refer to it as an amusing little skit.

8. Photo girl

Although we've seen this a bunch of times before, we can't remember if this Vodafone ad was on in the UK or not. Still, it works well, using the staple comedy elements of "sleeping woman" and "young guy with cameraphone."

9. Dog + iPhone

Given Apple's dogged attitude to the appearance of its products in advertising, we're rather surprised to see this Softbank ad. It's absolutely brilliant, though we've got no idea what's going on.

10. And this one's just rubbish...

What can we possibly say about this ad? Apart from that it's definitely a new low...


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