EE confirms Cash on Tap can now be used on London Underground

It's the sound of the underground

Coinciding with the announcement that Transport for London is rolling out contactless payments across the network, EE has confirmed that customers will be able to use its own Cash on Tap service on the tube.

EE rolled out Cash on Tap to London buses last month, but now the contactless system will work with Underground, DLR and Overground networks.

For the uninitiated, Cash on Tap lets users make contactless payments with their EE phones. The timing ahead of the iPhone 6 and Apple Pay, Cupertino's own wireless payment service, certainly hasn't gone unnoticed.

EE's service is partnered with Mastercard, but the benefit for London commuters using Cash on Tap will be the avoidance of card clash - something that's sure to be a problem with the rollout of contactless payments on London's transport system.

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Hugh Langley

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