David Bowie to release Golden Years remix app

David Bowie set to release iPhone remix app
David Bowie set to release iPhone remix app

David Bowie cannot be accused of being a luddite, offering his fans the opportunity to remix his classic 1975 Golden Years on their iPhones and iPads.

Ever since the dawn of the internet and early experiments in multimedia CD-ROMs, Bowie has always tried to offer fans new ways of interacting with his music.

Bowie's latest iOS app is set to let fans create their own remixes, 36 years on from the release of the original 7-inch vinyl single.

Creative tech or PR dead-end?

Our colleagues over at Music Radar report that the original 16-track Golden Years offers eight stem files: Bowie's lead vocals, 12-string guitar, bass, drums, guitar, harmonium, percussion and backing vocals - all of which will be made available to fans and would-be producers this coming June for them to remix as they see fit.

Whether or not this latest app from Bowie's people represents a cool new way of discovering and remixing past classics, or a tired PR-driven exercise in promoting a once great musician depends on your point of view. Opinion in the TechRadar office is currently divided.

Still, Bowie's label EMI is not letting the opportunity pass, releasing remixes from DJs at LA's KCRW on a new EP.

We've put calls in to the Duke's people. Expect no updates on this at no point soon.

Via Music Radar

Adam Hartley