The Asus 'Eee Stick' Wii-style nunchuck controller

Asus' Eee stick - with more than a nod to Nintendo's Wii

Asus has been showing these new gaming control peripherals for its Eee PC range at the Computex event in Taipei this week - and the Eee Stick seems to have taken more than a little pinch of design inspiration from Nintendo’s Wii.

3D mouse

Indeed, these motion-sensing game controllers are pretty much identical to the Wii’s Nunchuk controller. Details are currently a little scarce, though it is thought that the device can be used as a 3D mouse.

We’re not sure yet if this is a developer’s prototype or something that is going to be made available to general consumers.

Gameplay video

TechRadar contacted Nintendo's UK office for comment this morning. Unsurprisingly the response was a swift 'no comment'.

We have also contacted Asus UK for further information, so stay tuned for more when we get it. You can check out the gameplay video over on Engadget China.