One of the best gaming system hard drives is available at the lowest price ever

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For Prime members only, Amazon offers an incredible deal on the popular WD_BLACK 5TB P10 portable external hard drive, one of our favorites for the PS5. Like other Black products from Western Digital, its bold exterior is made of ridged, black metal for an awesome, distinctive look. 

The exterior is rock-solid and withstands drops and bumps, so it’ll have no problem dealing with the pitfalls of everyday life. Beyond the design, you’ll find an NVMe drive that tops out at a mighty 140MB/s. 

Not a Prime member? Well, the WD_BLACK 5TB P10 is still discounted, just not as much during the Prime Day deals

Western Digital Black 5TB P10 HDD Game Drive$149$91 at Amazon
Save $58 -

Western Digital Black 5TB P10 HDD Game Drive $149 $91 at Amazon
Save $58 -
This Western Digital game drive with 5TB capacity, speeds up to 140MB/s, and Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Mac compatibility is on sale across the board for Amazon Prime Day. For Prime members, the deal is even better. 

Other Western Digital drive deals

Western Digital is offering other terrific hard drive deals during Amazon Prime Day. Some deals are the best we've seen for individual products. 

WD Black SN850 500GB PCIe SSD$149.99 $89.99 at Amazon
Save $60 -

WD Black SN850 500GB PCIe SSD $149.99 $89.99 at Amazon
Save $60 -
Beef up your rig with this 500GB Western Digital WD Black SN850 PCIe SSD and enjoy ultrafast access speeds for gaming, content creation, and more.

Western Digital 4TB WD Black $129.99$109.99 at Amazon
Save $20-

Western Digital 4TB WD Black  $129.99 $109.99 at Amazon
Save $20-
Expand your computer's storage with this 4TB external HDD from Western Digital. It's similar to the 5TB model only with less storage. 

Western Digital 6TB WD Blue 5,400RPM HDD$184$96 at Amazon
Save $88 -nearly half off

Western Digital 6TB WD Blue 5,400RPM HDD $184 $96 at Amazon
Save $88 -
Get more space for photos, videos, and more with this 6TB internal HDD from Western Digital, featuring a 256MB cache for faster read access. While not the fastest hard drive out there, it's perfect for long term storage of files you don't need every day, freeing up space on your computer's faster HDDs or SSDs for games and other apps – and at nearly half off, it's a pretty good bargain for whatever you need it for.

More external hard drive deals

When selecting an external hard drive, it's important to consider just how much storage you can afford vs. what you think you'll need. For gaming systems, your drive should have at least 2TB of storage. 

No matter where you live, though, you'll find all the lowest prices for external hard drives from around the web right here, with offers available in your region. 

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