Oculus Quest back in stock at Very: grab the 128GB VR headset before it's too late

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The Oculus Quest VR headset is now back in stock at Very, after some considerable stock shortages over the last few weeks. That means the 128GB virtual reality headset is now available once more, and you can claim yours with either a charging dock or case bundled in as well. Half-Life fans will also be happy to know that Alyx is also available to play on the Quest system.

That's right, move fast, because this £499 stock of the Oculus Quest headset won't last long. You're picking up an all-in-one virtual reality experience, perfect for enjoying premium immersive entertainment without having to shell out for a powerhouse of a PC. 

That's the Quest's main draw, though you're not skimping out in picking up this cheaper headset. With two touch controllers mapping movement and offering up rumble haptics, as well as room-scaling functionality, this is no mere toy. There's a vast library of extensive VR games, experiences, and movies to take you away from the confines of your living room as well. 

This is some particularly well timed Oculus Quest stock, and there's no doubt many will enjoy stepping into a virtual reality right now. We're running through the deal in full below, but if you're not in the UK, you can find the best prices near you further down. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more Oculus sales in this year's Black Friday deals as well.

Oculus Quest back in stock at Very


Oculus Quest 128GB VR headset | £499 at Very
The Oculus Quest VR headset is back in stock at Very, which means you can finally step into a (virtual) room that's not in your own home. The Quest supports the latest games, experiences, and apps and offers premium VR without the need for a pricey PC running in the background.

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