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Now's a great time to pick up an Amazon Fire TV 4K box

It's hard to fault Amazon's Fire TV range. Whether you're going for the cheap-as-chips Fire TV Stick, or the souped-up Amazon Fire TV 4K streamer, they're affordable and powerful ways to tap into the world of connected TV smarts.

US readers have another reason to get on board with the range today, with Amazon knocking its pricing down considerably. The Fire TV Stick gets a $10 price cut, down from $39.99 to $29.99, while the 4K Fire TV gets an even bigger discount, dropping from $69.99 to $49.99.

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Choices, choices...

So, which is the Amazon player for you?

At a base level, both offer very similar functionality – you'll get access to streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and more, as well as some gaming apps. Each also comes with the Alexa Voice Remote, letting you search through what's on offer via voice commands alone, and letting you control elements of your smart home.

The two differ in terms of size however (the Stick is much like a USB dongle in size, while the Fire TV 4K is larger and boxy), as well as in visual and sonic fidelity – the Fire TV 4K offers 4K UHD streaming options and Dolby Atmos audio playback, whereas the Stick is merely Full HD.

At this price, the future-proofed Fire TV 4K device seems well worth a punt.