No, Apple isn't about to launch an Apple Watch for kids

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An Apple Watch SE (Image credit: TechRadar)

For a while now we’ve been expecting to see the Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch SE 2, and Apple Watch Pro at Apple’s Far Out event tomorrow (September 7), but what we weren’t expecting (yet are now hearing) is that there will be another model too – one aimed specifically at kids.

That idea comes from a New York Times article that spends a long time talking about how parents have been buying the Apple Watch SE for their children, instead of a smartphone. But buried in amongst that, in passing it’s claimed that an even cheaper smartwatch will be launched by the company at its upcoming event.

This claim has been made by 'two people involved with the project, who were not authorized to speak publicly.'

It’s a claim that could be true, but the idea that this is a wearable designed specifically for kids – as some sites are reporting – seems unlikely. In fact, it’s probably just the Apple Watch SE 2.

For one, it seems unlikely that Apple has managed to keep an Apple Watch model completely under wraps until a day before launch; so that in itself means this latest suggestion seems tenuous at best.

Plus, while the article is focused on children using Apple Watches, the sources don’t actually say this one is designed specifically for kids – just that it’s cheap. On top of that, Apple doesn’t tend to go in for kids editions of its products.

We’re not alone in thinking an Apple Watch for kids is unlikely either, as Mark Gurman – an established leaker and journalist with a great track record for Apple information – has also said in a tweet that he doesn’t 'believe there is a new, ultra-cheap kids-focused Watch coming as some have said.'

Instead, Gurman argues that the Apple Watch SE 2 might simply launch at a lower price than the original Apple Watch SE did, which sounds far more believable.

The quick settings screen on an Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is ideal for children (Image credit: TechRadar)

Analysis: there’s already an Apple Watch for kids

Another thing to note is that Apple doesn’t need to make an Apple Watch aimed at kids – because, as the New York Times article essentially outlines, the Apple Watch SE already is that. It’s affordable, and numerous parents are buying it for their children.

You can already get colorful straps for it too, and we can’t imagine Apple going for an overly kiddie design beyond that.

So if this report is accurate at all, our guess is the same as Gurman’s – that they’re talking about the Apple Watch SE 2, but that it will be ever more appealing as a gadget for children, because it will cost less than the $279 / £269 / AU$429 starting price of the original Apple Watch SE.

With leaks suggesting the SE 2 won’t be much of an upgrade, a lower launch price is certainly believable.

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