Next Galaxy Buds could feature noise cancelling to rival AirPods Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
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The successor earbuds to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus could get a long-awaited perk – noise cancelling – and launch alongside the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 20

That’s according to a new report out of Korea, which also supports the claims that the new name will be the Galaxy Buds...Beans. Why? If you caught the recent leak that revealed renders of the new look, the answer is obvious: they’ve been redesigned to look like little beans, and seem to tuck away inside the ear canal. 

Samsung Beans

(Image credit: WinFuture / @rqaundt)

Noise cancelling would put these Galaxy Buds on more even footing with the Apple AirPods Pro, which launched in late 2019 with the sound-dampening tech to much fanfare. The Galaxy Buds Plus, on the other hand, launched in early 2020 alongside the Samsung Galaxy S20 series...but noticeably without noise cancelling. 

That leak revealed the Beans will be 28mm long, but this new report alleges they’ll be 13mm wide, and the case containing them will be 26mm thick. Each earbud will pack two speakers and three microphones apiece, yet will allegedly retain the 11-hour battery life managed by the Galaxy Buds Plus.

There's a price leak, too – but treat with skepticism

While these leaks are the earliest reports about these new earbuds, and should thus be taken with a grain of salt, we’re most skeptical about the alleged price. The report alleges the Beans will be set at 170,000 won, which is about $140 (around £141 / AU$221). Considering the Galaxy Buds Plus were priced at 179,000 won / $149.99 / £159 / AU$299, we doubt hits will be the final price of the Beans.

There are a couple other notes in the leak – namely, that Samsung may further reduce the alleged current dimensions of the Beans to improve their fit. But with a product in such early stages, we expect it might change before we finally see it in real life.

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