New Xbox Series X Pulse Red controller is too hot to handle

Xbox Wireless Controller Red Pulse
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Tired of the Xbox Series X/S controller designs on offer? Then you'll be happy to know that Microsoft is heating things up with its new Pulse Red Xbox Wireless Controller.

Microsoft announced the new design via a blog post on Xbox Wire. The Pulse Red Xbox controller sees the front of the gamepad colored a striking red, while the underneath is white. The bumpers and D-Pad, however, are black. It's pretty much the same design as the Shock Blue design - only red instead.

The new Pulse Red Xbox Wireless controller will release on February 9 and will cost the same as the other designs on offer: $59.99 / £54.99 / AU$74.99.

More choices

Xbox Wireless Controller Red Pulse

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Currently, the Xbox Wireless Controller is only available in three designs: Robot White, Carbon Black and Shock Blue, so it's nice to see Microsoft offering more design options for players.

The Xbox Wireless Controller underwent a more intensive redesign before the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, adding a new Share button, improved textures and geometry, and an overall more premium feel than its predecessors. 

The Pulse Red sees no functionality or performance changes - it simply has had a new lick of paint.

It's likely that we'll see Microsoft rolling out further designs in the future, especially given the plethora of Xbox One controller designs available.

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