New BT Halo offers super speed broadband and mobile connections in one package

bt halo broadband and mobile deal
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BT has a new converged plan that aims to make life easier with one place providing your connectivity at home and on the move. BT Halo promises 5G on mobile, superfast Wi-Fi at home and a tech support team to keep it all running. 

Joining the ISP's fleet of BT Broadband deals, yhe BT Halo package includes fibre broadband at home backed by the provider's Smart Hub 2. There is also the Complete Wi-Fi promise option, which is BT's pledge to maintain decent speeds in every room. That Smart Hub app also means a broad range of parental controls are yours via the dedicated app.

BT Halo is available now to new customers from £57.99 per month. BT says that existing customers will receive the best deals on upgrades. For those already on BT Plus, they will be upgraded for free to Halo, although there will be a fee for the Tech Experts and Smart Hub 2 upgrades. 

Say "Halo" to new broadband and mobile deal

Any issues and as a Halo customer you can contact the BT Home Experts to fix the problem. If you're moving home or the internet goes down you'll be sent a 4G wireless router, aka Mini Hub, to keep you connected until the issue is fixed.

As for phones, you can enjoy unlimited phone calls, texts and data at home on the landline and on the move with a mobile. This is presuming you have the new No Limits plan as part of your Halo package. The 5G connection is also an optional feature. 

The basic Halo package does not include upgrades for 5G, Complete Wi-Fi and No Limits, all of which are available as extras.

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