New AMD Navi GPUs may arrive to take on Nvidia's entry level cards

If real, these new graphics cards will join the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT (Image credit: AMD)

We've had an inkling that some new AMD Navi graphics cards would be arriving sometime in the near future. But, we've just seen a leak that may just indicate that the replacement for the AMD Radeon RX 570 is imminent. 

Both an AMD Navi 12 and an AMD Navi 14 graphics processor (GPU) have appeared in a commit for Mesa 19.2. If you're unfamiliar with Mesa, its a 3D graphics library that AMD uses in its driver updates. So, if an AMD Navi 12 appeared in a developer commit for this library, it's a pretty good sign that these GPUs are real, and should be coming to market relatively soon. 

Still, all that's included in this commit are references to "CHIPSET (0x7360, NAVI12)" and "CHIPSET (0x7340, NAVI14)". We don't know what kind of specs these GPUs will be featuring, or when these GPUs will be coming to market. However, because Mesa 19.2 is the current version of the graphics library, with the next version scheduled for release on October 15, according to Mesa's website, it could be that AMD is planning on releasing these GPUs in the very near future. 

Plus, we've also seen some fresh rumors suggesting that Nvidia would be pushing out a GTX 1650 Ti card in October, too. A commit isn't the most rock-solid evidence that a new graphics card is coming out, but all the cards seem to be falling in place – either way, we'll have to wait until AMD is ready to lift the veil on its next graphics card. 

AMD will be releasing graphics cards for everyone, including folks looking for a budget entry-level card, according to its RDNA white paper. Previous leaks about the AMD Navi 14 have pointed at it being a budget-level graphics card that will replace the AMD Radeon RX 570, so having two new graphics cards targeting this sector of the market will be exciting – as this is where most people actually spend their money. 

Now, all we have to do is wait to see whether Nvidia or AMD announce the next entry-level graphics card. Whichever gets there first, budget buyers will be the winners.

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