Netflix's Heart of Stone trailer is here, and Gal Gadot could be the new Bourne or Bond

Rachel Stone looks pensive in the Heart of Stone movie
(Image credit: Netflix)

The huge entertainment showcase at Netflix Tudum 2023 brought us lots of treats, and it may have saved the best till last: the first trailer for Gal Gadot's new action movie Heart of Stone has been revealed, and it's a cracker. 

While many of the trailers unveiled last night were super-short teasers – and Heart of Stone itself had only previously released a teaser trailer – this new trailer is much more substantial and gives you a really good idea of what the film's going to be like. 

As someone who prefers my action movies to have brains as well as brawn, I'm quite excited about this one. It may not have been one of the coolest new movie announcements from Netflix Tudum 2023, but it's certainly one that could make the cut for our best Netflix movies list – just look at the trailer below to see why. 

What is Heart of Stone about?

Heart of Stone tells the story of agent Rachel Stone, a highly trained operative from a shadowy peacekeeping agency who embarks on a dangerous mission to protect 'the Heart', an incredibly valuable and dangerous intelligence asset. As you can see from the trailer it hits all the blockbuster action movie beats and features some pretty huge set-pieces. 

The film is intended to be the first in a new franchise along very similar lines to the Mission: Impossible movies, and it's written by Greg Rucka (The Old Guard; Lazarus) and Allison Schroeder (Hidden Figures; Pineapple Express). According to Gadot, the film is "extremely epic" and a "super grounded, raw, action thriller" that's realistic "so people can feel the pain".

In the previous first look trailer, Gadot also said that: "Rachel Stone lives off the adrenaline – she's addicted to it." This immediately makes me think of the gloriously silly, Jason Statham-starring Crank. Heart of Stone won't be quite so daft, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how the the mix of secretive, lonesome spy and headstrong adrenaline junkie works on screen. 

This isn't Netflix's first attempt to set up a new Jason Bourne movie or James Bond movie – Luther: The Fallen Sun is a pretty blatant attempt to do that – but from what I've seen so far it looks like the most interesting.

If you're as excited by the trailer as I am, you don't have too long to wait for the film to start streaming – Heart of Stone is set to be released on August 11, 2023.

Carrie Marshall

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