Space Force could be The Office replacement that Netflix needs

(Image credit: Netflix)

Just as we started to wonder if Netflix could eventually run out of new TV shows during the current lockdown, the streaming services released the exciting first images of Space Force, the new sitcom from The Office creator Greg Daniels that stars Steve Carell in the leading role. If you like a certain type of comedy, it looks like you're in for a treat.

Space Force is a comedy about the titular new branch of the armed forces, seemingly based on president Donald Trump's June 2018 speech about creating a sixth armed service called the 'space force'. It focuses on the workers on Earth who have to make this thing happen. Carell is also the show's co-creator, and it was first announced back in January 2019.

We also know when you'll be able to watch this show, as Netflix has given it the first season a May 29 release date.

Fans of Daniels' other sitcom favorite, Parks and Recreation, will be pleased to know that Ben Schwartz, aka Jean Ralphio, is part of the ensemble cast. Lisa Kudrow of Friends and John Malkovich also co-star in Space Force. Take a look at the first images below:

We can't wait to watch this. Netflix has a solid backlog of original comedies, but nothing on the easy-to-devour level of The Office or Parks and Rec. 

In the US, too, Netflix will lose the rights to stream The Office to NBC's new Peacock streaming service in 2021, so a few potential replacements can't hurt.

But that's not all

Strangely, Space Force is just one of two streaming comedies that co-creator Greg Daniels has premiering in May. Over on Amazon on May 1, the sitcom Upload debuts, a show which is about the idea of being able to upload your consciousness into the afterlife. Starring Robbie Amell, it looks like a cross between The Good Place and Black Mirror.

Check out the trailer here:

Daniels first came to prominence as a writer for The Simpsons during its glory days, before co-creating King of the Hill and adapting The Office for US television. He then co-created Parks and Recreation with Michael Schur, who later made The Good Place. 

Any show with his name on it feels like a good bet. 

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