Netflix 'lets the devil out' in Daredevil season 3 date announcement trailer

Arguably still the best Marvel show on Netflix, Daredevil's long-awaited third season has finally got a premiere date, which has been revealed in a menacing new announcement trailer. 

Out of action since The Defenders team-up series from 2017, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) has been presumed dead by his friends and crime-fighting pals in all of the subsequent Marvel shows that have come since – but it seems like he's ready to stage a comeback.

Seen standing in a dark room, all battered and bloody under a swinging lightbulb, Matt declares that "you can suffocate evil, starve it, lock it behind bars... but it will find a way to come back even stronger," which is said against what appears to be a fleeting shot of Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) in his classic white suit jacket.

"Let the devil out"

"There's only one true way to end evil..." Matt states, cut to a montage of Daredevil violently pummelling thugs while wearing his original black bandana and costume, " finish it for good."

Matt Murdock has always been strongly against killing in the past – is it possible that the Punisher's more lethal approach to justice has rubbed off on him? And will he really be going back to his old DIY costume in season 3? One thing's certain – Matt's ready to "let the devil out".

We'll find out for sure when Daredevil returns for his first standalone season since 2016 on Netflix on October 19 – only a few short weeks after Marvel's last show, Iron Fist season 2, landed on the service. You can check out the date announcement trailer below. 

Stephen Lambrechts
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