Motorola Razr price unveiled, and you'll be shocked by how expensive it is

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Despite it being unveiled in November last year, we've had to wait a while to discover how much the upcoming Motorola Razr folding phone would cost in the UK. Well, we've now learned the contract price – and it's not going to be cheap.

EE is the exclusive UK network for the new and revamped version of the iconic handset, and you can pre-order the handset directly from the carrier.

It's going to be expensive though, as the cheapest contract for the handset will come with 10GB of data (as well as unlimited minutes and texts) for £94 a month, plus a £100 upfront cost.

Add that up over the two-year contract and the handset is set to cost you £2,356. That's less than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is the most readily available folding phone right now, but it's still a lot of money for most phone fans.

You'll also be spending extra depending on how much data you'd like, and EE charges for extra benefits such as BT Sport and other add-ons.

The most expensive package for the phone comes with unlimited data, and costs £114 a month with a £30 upfront cost, which works out to £2,766 over a two-year period. You can see all of EE's options for the Motorola Razr on the company's website.

The network also says the phone will be dispatched within 28 days of your order, but we've yet to hear an official release date for the handset.

We've also yet to learn how much the phone will be to buy SIM-free direct from the manufacturer. We know it's set to cost $1,500 in the US and €1,599 elsewhere in Europe, so we had been anticipating that the phone would cost around £1,350, but this news from EE may mean it'll be more expensive.

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