iPhone 3G PAYG UK price announced

PAYG 3G iPhone will cost from £299.99
PAYG 3G iPhone will cost from £299.99

UK pricing of Apple's pay as you go 3G iPhone was posted on to O2's UK website today and then promptly taken down again, but not before some eagle-eyed bloggers got a sneaky glimpse of the pricing.

It seems that if you want to purchase a contract-free 3G iPhone, you are going to cough up a pretty penny for one. An 8GB Apple iPhone 3G will cost customers £299.99, while the meatier 16GB version will be available in 02 stores for £359.99.

The package

Not only do you get an iPhone for this price, but O2 and Apple are also throwing in 6 months of unlimited WiFi hotspot access and web browsing. This is, of course, subject to 'excessive use policy'. At the end of the six months, the unlimited web browsing and WiFi access will cost users £10 a month.

As with all O2 PAYG accounts, the tariff chosen will decide the price of your calls, so buying more top-up a month means cheaper calls and vice versa.

This PAYG offer will be available until 31 December 2008.

So, £299.99 plus for a phone: is it worth spending all this money to not be tied to a contract?

Marc Chacksfield

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