Wacom teases HD mobile tablet built for the creatively inclined

Wacom's next to be a true mobile tablet
Wacom's next to be a true mobile tablet

Wacom teased to its American Facebook fans today that it's working on a new mobile tablet.

While the exact hardware details are still under wraps, the Bamboo maker said that its take on an HD tablet will include features for creators like a pressure-sensitive professional pen and multi-touch display.

Wacom also hinted at, "other valuable features that you haven't seen in other tablets," which will be revealed closer to the tablet's launch.

There is still much unknown about the tablet, such as its operating system and size.

New territory

Wacom is no stranger to mobile tablets, supplying the pressure-sensitive stylus tech behind the Samsung Galaxy Note line and Microsoft's Surface Pro.

However, the company's own consumer hardware has typically revolved around its specialty pens and graphics tablets that still require a computer monitor.

Wacom does have a line of DTU tablets for business and specialty industries, though with sizes that currently range from 15.6-inches to 21.5-inches it is difficult to use them as an indicator of what to expect from a mobile consumer tablet.

A better indication might come from the Cintiq display line. Newer models include 22-inch and 24-inch HD desk displays, but there is also the aging Cintiq 12WX tablet which could be due for return minus the original's reliance on a monitor connection.

Wacom said that its first attempt at a truly mobile tablet will arrive "this summer" in North America.