Samsung Windows 8 tablets hit eBay

Windows 8
Windows developers are looking to make a quick buck by flogging their Windows 8 tablet

The first ever Windows 8 tablet, which was given out to developers at last week's Build conference, has landed on eBay and can be yours for around £2,000.

The Samsung Windows 8 Developer PC, to give it its proper title, was dished out to 5,000 developers to help them create apps and software ahead of next year's Windows 8 OS launch.

Naturally, a few of those developers have decided to cash-in on Microsoft's publicity-seeking act of kindness by selling the tablet on the internet.

Several of the devices, which are the only Windows 8 tablets in existence, have shown up on eBay with buy-it-now prices of $3,500 (£2,225). That's enough to buy seven new iPads across the pond.

Cool points

That might sound like a lot for a tablet with no apps and a work-in-progress OS, but think of the cool points that could be obtained by strutting around with one of these?

The device, which is unlikely to ever go on sale is a slightly modified version of the Samsung Series 7 slate which was unveiled at IFA 2011.

Microsoft bundled in two years of 3G service to use with the tablet to allow developers to work on the go.

We can't imagine Steve Ballmer and co are too happy with this development and we wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft had eBay shut down the auctions with the greatest of haste.

Via: PCMag

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