Report: 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note now being tested

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung may be planning a smaller 7-inch tablet to complete its lineup

Samsung isn't about to rest on its laurels manufacturing Google's new Nexus 10 tablet, with what appears to be a seven-inch version of the Galaxy Note popping up on the radar this week.

Slashgear reported Wednesday that Samsung Electronics appears to be testing a new seven-inch Android tablet believed to be the Galaxy Note 7, aimed at filling the gap between the company's "phablet" smartphones and their full-sized siblings.

Popping up in two different test certificate listings from the DLNA Alliance, the mystery device features two model numbers: GT-N5100 and GT-N5110.

The "GT-N" model number prefix is noteworthy because it's also used by Samsung's existing Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 10.1, offering a clue as to where the upcoming product might fit in the lineup.

Certifiably leaked

Curiously, the DLNA Alliance describes the hardware as "Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 OS upgrade version derivative model - Ice Cream Sandwich version - Tablet," which suggests an upgrade to the Galaxy S II smartphone bearing the same model number.

The plot thickens once you add a recent Wi-Fi Alliance certification for the same GT-N5110 model number - describing the product as a "Wi-Fi and other" tablet implementing both dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n and Wi-Fi Direct support.

Confusingly, that certificate actually points to a third tablet model number, the GT-T8025, which appears to be a different product entirely.

Leading speculation suggests the GT-N5100 and GT-N5110 model numbers denote separate Wi-Fi only and cellular-enabled models, but until the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hits the FCC, no one quite knows for certain.

Via Slashgear, DLNA Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance